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We have a great training team at ReadyTalk. If you did not know, we offer free training to anyone that wants to sign up everyday. Even with everyday training, they still get a flood of requests for best practices, advice on webinars and practical applications of web conferencing for their particular industry. We try to […]

Creating Relationships
Creating Relationships

As I noted in an earlier blog post, we are in the process of putting together a lead nurturing program for our sales team. I came across this interview between Brian Carroll and John Miller, author of the Marketo blog as I was doing research for our program. Brian comes up with a very nice […]

Buying Lists

I came across this interesting post about list buying. While the post uses direct mail as an example, it is just as relevant for e-mail marketers as well. The reality is that marketers are demanding more from the lists they buy than ever before. At ReadyTalk, we spend a great deal of time assessing the […]

The Decision Maker

Is it always critical to find the decision maker? Aaron Ross seems to think you are better served obessessing over the decision making process. From the number of RFPs that come across my desk, I tend to agree with him. Today, most of your B2B purchasing is done in collaboration with other departments. This is […]

Lead Nurturing Program

We are in the beginning stages of implementing a lead nurturing program. Up to this point, our sales people have been left on their own as to how they want to handle any leads that had a future close date. Some of the Account Executives were diligent about cultivating their relationship and others…well lets leave […]

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