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Have you taken advantage of ReadyTalk’s Co-Presenter feature yet? If not you are missing out on one of the most effective ways to manage your webinars. Co-Presenters can be promoted from within the ReadyTalk meeting after joining as a participant. Once promoted to Co-Presenter they are given nearly the same privileges as the Chairperson. They […]

We talk a lot about the importance of customer service here at ReadyTalk. Today's post is last in a series highlighting members of the customer care team and giving you a chance to get to know them better. Name: Josh Title: Customer Care Representative How Long Have You Worked at ReadyTalk: 8 months Favorite sports team: Honda Off-Road Racing Team, […]

Last week’s Dreamforce conference had people talking. From Steve Wonder to Bill Clinton, it was an action-packed show chalked full of useful Salesforce tricks, tips and apps. ReadyTalk used the show as a platform to solicit feedback for the upcoming launch of ReadyTalk for, an integration that will save ReadyTalk customers time and make […]

A quick walk around the ReadyTalk office might lead one to believe that we have stock in 3M. Our hallways look more like an elementary school than a software development company, but there is a business purpose behind our mass consumption of Post-It notes and construction paper: We are Agile. It didn’t take long for […]

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