Case Study: How Marketo Uses Webinars to Engage Prospects and Boost Sales

Marketing automation innovator Marketo knows a thing or two about how to engage with customers and prospects. They also compete in an industry that is highly competitive and filled with savvy, sophisticated marketers. Webinars play a key role in their engagement strategy.
When shopping for a webinar vendor, Marketo identified a few components that were crucial:
  • Customer service that was easy-to-reach and experienced
  • A platform that was easy to learn and easy to use
  • Operator support for a more polished experience
  • Integration with Marketo's own software
ReadyTalk’s technology has enabled Marketo to make webinars more effective than ever and exceeded their expectations. Find out how: marketo_case_study.pdf
“The near-instant engagement that ReadyTalk’s integration has enabled us to do after each webinar is a game-changer. This capability enables ReadyTalk to pay for itself, which is a beautiful thing.”
–  Rick Siegfried, Marketo’s marketing programs specialist


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