How to Run More Effective Virtual Meetings

How to Run More Effective Virtual Meetings

Remote workers are taking over the working world, and virtual meetings are a key way for employees to communicate and collaborate—no matter where they are. However, many teams struggle with making virtual meetings successful, especially when they are used to face-to-face interaction.

If your team is having trouble conducting successful virtual meetings, maybe it’s time to look at them differently. Here are some helpful tips for running effective virtual meetings you can share with your team:

How to Run More Effective Virtual MeetingsBe prepared.

What three things should every meeting, whether virtual or in-person have? Agenda, purpose, and focus. If you have these, then you’re good as gold.

Get everyone involved in conversation.

If someone has been invited to a meeting but doesn’t participate, then why were they invited to the meeting in the first place? If you want someone to contribute something specific, make sure they have an opportunity to do so. It might even be helpful for the leader of the meeting to call on each individual after a question was asked or a statement was made to make sure their voice has been heard.

Discuss big problems first.

Long conference calls are frustrating. Tackle the agenda by starting with the most important problems first so you have enough time to discuss them. If you run out of time, then you can work out some of the smaller problems offline.

Identify immediate next steps.

Before everyone gets off the call, have the leader or facilitator of the meeting run through next steps and make sure everyone is on the same page. Without appropriate follow-through, the goal of the meeting won’t be met.

Virtual meetings and in-person meetings may have different settings for the individual attendees, but both can be successful if done the right way. Use these tips to lead more successful virtual meetings, allowing your team to be productive anywhere and everywhere they want to be.

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