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When you’re working remotely, it’s important to have collaboration tools that support different functions. Whether you’re hosting a remote conference call, making a sales pitch through an online screen sharing application, or having a video conferencing call with headquarters, there are certain features your collaboration tool should have so you can effectively…well, collaborate. Here are […]

With globalization on the rise and employers offering telecommuting, remote, and flextime work options, employees must learn new strategies and best practices for working remotely. Companies should always communicate clear expectations for a remote work environment, and they need to have guidelines for what it will entail. Every company is different, but the basic principles […]

Meetings are probably one of the most expensive overhead costs within your organization, and many are considered ineffective. However, many organizations believe collaboration is synonymous with holding meetings, which are meant to be discussions with clear results and objectives. Here’s a look into the current state of meetings in the United States: • On average, […]

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