7 Organization and Collaboration Tools for Remote Workers

7 Organization and Collaboration Tools for Remote Workers

Staying organized, working with colleagues around the world, and achieving the best results can seem daunting as a remote worker, especially if you’ve never worked remotely before.

When working remotely with a team, it’s imperative workers have reliable means of communicating, organizing and collaborating with other team members. In today’s hyperconnected world, it’s actually becoming easier and more efficient for remote workers to collaborate due to the variety of tools available on the market. Below is a list of resources your remote team can use to stay connected and be productive.

Project Management

7 Organization and Collaboration Tools for Remote WorkersProject management software is a great way to keep everyone accountable and organized. There are a variety of tools available that suit different needs. Here’s a couple of examples:

Brightpod: A great tool for small and big marketing & creative teams alike, this tool will help you keep track of projects and workflows.

Basecamp: An enterprise project management tool that helps you identify milestones and communicate with external and internal collaborators.

Asana: Want to stay organized without email and save money? Asana is a great tool for small to mid-sized teams who are looking for a project management software on a budget.


When it comes to organization while maintaining access across multiple teams, the cloud can be your friend. Consider these online applications for organizing your work or projects:

Google Drive: A great place to create, edit, and manage all of your documents, spreadsheets, PPTs, and more.

Dropbox: Need to share files and don’t want to take up room on your server? Dropbox is a great tool for you.


Need to chat informally throughout the week or host a virtual meeting? Check out these tools for your organization:

Slack: This is an up-and-coming tool that is great for real-time chat communication that works like a virtual office.

ReadyTalk: Every team needs a quality audio and video conferencing tool. ReadyTalk can help you host your next webinar, conduct a large video conference, or help your team host more productive virtual meetings. If you’re looking for video conferencing on the go, check out FoxDen and collaborate with team members easily using this ridiculously simple video conferencing technology.

Virtual meetings and remote work environments are the future of the workplace. Having the right organization, communication, and collaboration tools are essential to the health of those environments. Consider investing in these tools to help your team succeed.

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