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Why Spending 4 Days with Customers Rocked

It’s not every day you get to spend a week in Las Vegas with your customers. Somehow, I managed to do just that in the middle of the desert with 6,000 other marketers at Marketo’s conference — Marketing Nation Summit.

In four days, I handed out cold hard cash, met with customers, listened to keynote presentations, and learned a lot about tradeshows.

But my biggest takeaways are from talking with our customers.

It helps to get out of the office.

No matter what you do at your company, it’s important to get out of the office and talk with prospects … and more importantly your customers. If you have the opportunity to work a tradeshow booth for even an hour, jump on it. I learned more about how people use ReadyTalk over those four days than I would in a month. Working the booth gave me a chance to have one-on-one conversations that would have taken me weeks to schedule if I was back at the office.

Bottom line: Schedule time to meet with your customers.

Customer marketing

Prospects love talking with current customers.

I’m a lucky guy. I get to work with people every day that love using ReadyTalk. So, when I reached out to customers in the Summit Club, our online customer community, I got an overwhelming amount of responses volunteering to help in the booth. Fortunately, Shelby Knops from Birst emailed me back first and wanted to get involved. I asked Shelby if he would be able to talk with others about his ReadyTalk experience.

That’s it.

In return, people that stopped by our booth got to talk with an actual customer, not sales, about how ReadyTalk is helping him achieve his goals. The response was fantastic. Shelby made the difference, providing a true customer and user perspective.

Bottom line: Cherish your customers and give them an opportunity to shine. They will. And they’ll help you, too.

Foster a dialogue for current customers.

It’s important to create a sense of community around what you’re selling. People love to feel like they’re a part of something — something bigger than themselves. I don’t mean that it needs to be a movement or a political campaign necessarily, but getting like-minded people in a room creates a dialogue. It creates instant community. People find commonalities quickly, beyond just being your customer.

We scheduled a dinner for 20 customers who were attending the conference with the sole purpose of fostering a dialogue around:

  • What other customers struggle with or like?
  • How do they use ReadyTalk?
  • What best practices can they share?

While working the booth was beneficial for me, scheduling time for our customers to talk to each other was powerful for us and them.

Bottom line: Get your customers into a room. Only good things will happen, especially for you.

Of course, so much more happened throughout the week like but nothing as powerful to me as spending time with our customers. Customers made the difference, especially for me.

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