As your company gears up for the new year, consider making these three vital communications upgrades.

3 communications upgrades to help your company compete in 2018

You snooze; you lose. A new study from Forrester found that companies that don't invest in digital transformation will fall behind in 2018. At the crux of digital transformation is communication: How employees and clients hold meetings, collaborate and share knowledge will have a major impact on the a business's ability to compete and thrive in a digital-first marketplace. 

As your company gears up for the new year, consider making these three vital communications upgrades:

1. Unified communications

The past few years have seen a boom in productivity apps, internal communications platforms and cloud-based software systems. There's a good chance employees at your company are using a dizzying array of programs to get their work done and collaborate with each other on any given day. As a business becomes more streamlined, intuitive and digital-native, it's high time to connect those disparate programs. Unified communications does just that by seamlessly integrating all the systems that employees are currently using. With UC, employees can switch from voice calls to video calls to texts, internal chats and online presentations, all without skipping a beat. 

2. Video conferencing 

Companies no longer have all their employees working in a single office. Some employees may work remotely, located hundreds of miles away from headquarters, while others may have flexible working schedules that put them in a shared office space some days and then from home on others. Your company needs a way to effectively communicate with remote workers wherever they are, and sometimes, audio-only calls just don't cut it. Video conferencing enables face-to-face communication with remote employees for more engaging, productive meetings; instead of multiple people tripping over each other in conference calls, video calls can be just as fluid, effective and dynamic as those held in the office. 

3. Webcasts

While video meetings help improve the quality and effectiveness of communication among remote workers, webcasts can strengthen your company identity and brand on a larger scale. Webcasts are perfect for holding all-company meetings if you have telecommuting employees, and their interactive nature fosters employee engagement. Whether you're streaming quarterly sales meetings, company retreats or holiday parties, webcasts are an exciting way to strengthen social bonds and branding at your company. 

The three communications upgrades above – UC, video conferencing and webcasts – can help your company embrace digital transformation and stay competitive in 2018. 

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