5 business applications of webcasting

5 business applications of webcasting

Host live video events, reach global audiences, enable video feeds and customize every event – all in HD, of course. Webcasting allow you to host your best events, accessible by your target audience at the click of a button.

Here are five ways your company can utilize webcasting technology:

1. Never leave any employees out of the fun

No employee is left behind with webcasting. That's because you can connect employees across all departments and locations through high-quality live video events. Global localization and advanced security features mean you can also confidently include your team members in different countries and time zones. Whether it's an important business announcement or companywide training, anyone can quickly join the meeting from any device – no downloads required.

2. Boost your employee onboarding experience

Don't limit your onboarding process to lunch on day one and a dry packet of information. Employees need more to feel truly welcomed and engaged in the future of their position. Webcasting allows you to effectively train and educate you workforce with a seamless, 100-percent online experience. Training videos work especially well for millennials, making webcasts a smart choice for employers interested in engaging a new generation of employees.

3. Host enterprise-level events

Want to introduce live video streaming to your corporate marketing strategy? Webcasting services can support your goals, allowing you to increase brand awareness through enterprise-level online events. In-event branding and customization features, plus HD-quality video, ensure you look your best, while its web-based nature means you can reach customers in any time zone.

4. Utilize webcast tools to engage audiences

With a multitude of features, webcasting allows you to have a conversation with audiences rather than boring them to tears by talking at them for an hour. These engagement tools include:

  • In-webcast polling and surveys with live results.
  • Chat window.
  • Video clips.
  • Q&A sessions.
  • Custom widget tabs.
  • Downloadable content.

5. Track your webcast habits

GlobalMeet® Webcast offers superior reporting, audience insights and analytics to track webcast usage. This information includes registrant data, survey responses, viewer conversion rates, viewing durations and more – all available in downloadable, automated reports. Use this data to improve your next video event, build out your marketing strategy or prove the power of webcasting to your boss.

Request a live demo of GlobalMeet® Webcast to see for yourself how high-impact web presentations can help your company thrive. Plus, check out how one of the world's leading travel publishers used GlobalMeet® Webcast to score and qualify leads with web-based marketing events.

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