Just about every company has them: legacy systems. They may be part of the architecture — the very infrastructure, at the heart of your company’s IT road map, too. But what if these platforms are actually hurting your company’s performance? What is a legacy system? Legacy systems are old, usually outdated technology — either the […]

While you may believe that your company’s chances of encountering a catastrophic natural disaster are slim, do you have the same outlook toward threats to your IT system? Do you believe that your cybersecurity measures are adequate enough to withstand a full-scale breach? Think again. These days, it would seem that no company is completely […]

Your company’s hardware suffers a meltdown. There are widespread power outages in your area. The river rises over its banks and floods into your building. A hacker maliciously compromises your system. Hurricanes, fires, earthquake — natural disasters or man-made — every business is vulnerable. Disasters are inherently unpredictable and drastically range in degrees of severity. […]

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