Telecommuting is quickly becoming a more viable option in the workplace, making businesses more productive and employees happier. However, as work environments continue to transform, businesses need to evaluate what resources employees need to be successful and productive. Specifically, remote workers need to be equipped with the right tools so they can work anywhere and […]

Traditionally, businesses provide employees with one of the same computers or phones that were provided to every other employee. These devices were all the same, and employees were expected to adapt to them. However, in today’s world, different employees are accustomed to different devices, and choice is increasingly becoming an important aspect of job happiness. […]

As employees long for more flexible work environments, telecommuting has become a hot topic and some employers still doubt its viability. However, the number of companies that allow their employees to telecommute appears to be rising year after year. Currently, 34 million people “occasionally” telecommute, and this number is expected to increase to 63 million by […]

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