Blog Series: The Future of Work Experiment, Episode 6

Everything they say about New Zealand is true. The people are insanely friendly, the terrain is wild and diverse, and there are more sheep than humans. We had an incredible time touring the South Island and soaking up the sites and culture of that far flung land. Curiously we met more people from abroad who traveled to New Zealand and couldn’t bear to leave… I now see why that would be. Kiwi’s definitely live life on their own schedule – never in a rush and do things with a distinct New Zealand flair.


We arrived in Christchurch approximately 30 hours after taking off from Detroit, MI. Wasting no time, we immediately hopped in our rental car and braved the roads, careful to keep left. We chose to do the trip on the cheap and stayed mostly in Hostels during our roadtrip. Connectivity wasn’t terribly hard to come by – cafes, hostels, and even tour buses are now equipped with WiFi. Having said that – working definitely isn’t the first thing on people’s minds as they tramp around this remarkable land. Even with the popularity the Lord of the Rings movies brought – we found it to be refreshingly un-touristy. National Parks were nearly empty and development is next to none. It was certainly hard to focus with the non-stop access adrenaline filled activities like mountain biking, bungee jumping, helicopter rides, jet boat tours, and sky diving.


If you find yourself in New Zealand and need to stay plugged in I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it will be to fit that into your itinerary. Dozens of companies will rent you a reliable camper van with access to electricity and even portable WiFi in some cases. Interestingly, traveling by campervan is definitely the most popular way to get around for New Zealanders and visitors alike. WiFi is free in just about every major town. Spark, a major telecommunications provider, offers up to 1 gig of free wifi a day per user. Your biggest issue will be taking your eyes off the landscape long enough to stare at a computer screen. Taking this experiment overseas has been rewarding and proved that working from the road can truly be done from wherever you find yourself. All it takes is a desire, a little technology, and a reasonably reliable connection to the internet.


Where is the most unusual place you’ve worked remotely?

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