A Maturing Web Conferencing Industry

In yesterdays post, I talked about a research report released by Wainhouse Research on web conferencing. Today, I wanted to talk about one more piece of data they reported.

The graph below was taken from the Executive Summary of the report which can be found here.



The question was:"On a scale of 1-5, how do you rate your experience with your primary web conferencing vendor in each of these areas?" The results from Q3 of 2006 are compared to the results of the 2007. As you can see, satisfaction ratings in in all areas has improved significantly. The results suggest two things to me.

First, the web conference industry is maturing. The products are more stable with more features and are easier to use. The industry is listening to the customer feedback and improving their offering. Significantly, support and price took giant leaps forward in user satisfaction. Again, another sign of a maturing industry.

Second, web conferencing has achieved high enough market penetration that many people are already familiar with it. Satisfaction rates are higher because users are more mature and familiar with the technology. This may also be the reason that support received higher scores as well. Customers are calling support less as they become more adept at using the technology.

What does a maturing web conferencing industry mean to companies developing web products? What does it mean for users?

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