I get by with a little help from my Co-Presenter…

Have you taken advantage of ReadyTalk’s Co-Presenter feature yet? If not you are missing out on one of the most effective ways to manage your webinars. Co-Presenters can be promoted from within the ReadyTalk meeting after joining as a participant. Once promoted to Co-Presenter they are given nearly the same privileges as the Chairperson. They can help manage the chat feature, mute and unmute participants, push polls, present slides, and share their desktop or applications.

How do I?

Simply invite your Co-Presenter to the conference as you would invite any participant. Once they join the conference as a participant, follow these instructions:

  1. Find their name in the web participant list
  2. Right click on their name
  3. Click the “Promote to Co-Presenter” button


That’s it, they will get a notice on their screen that they are being promoted to a Co-Presenter and a moderator will load that looks very similar to yours as the chairperson.  If you accidentally promoted the wrong participant or you no longer need that participant as a Co-Presenter you can just follow the same steps except this time you will click “Demote to Participant”. Using this feature will give your conferences a professional look and feel with no added cost. Check out ReadyTalk's Resource Center for more information on Co-Presenters and all kinds of other interesting features.

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