Storytelling & Segmentation

Ardath Albee has a great post today about the power of storytelling. Ardath's post and e-book (which can be obtained from the link) is quite similar to a seminar we hosted by Andy Goodman entitled "Storytelling: Your Most Powerful Communications Tool".

Ardath, like Andy, suggests that in order to capture and retain your prospects and customers attention you must tell a story that relates to them. As Ardath states in her e-book "when you enable people to step into your story and envision their future with you, their problem solved, you develop empathy. Empathy leads to trust….and [trust is] the prerequisite for engagement."

The key is to tell the right story to the right person and this is where segmentation comes into play. At ReadyTalk, we track job function and title for all of our customers and prospects. This allows us to tell an accurate story to which the reader can relate.

I particularly like her suggestion that each piece of content you choose to develop should be based upon urgency. Specifically, each story you develop must play to the readers sense of urgency t ogain attention. As Ardath succinctly puts "Urgency means aligning the story's plot with a priority of the buyer."

I would love to hear some of the ways your marketing department creates compelling stories for your customers.

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