The future of CRM with and Google, together, made the front page of the Wall Street Journal yesterday. Good timing with their Developer Conference which was also held on Monday and I was a fortunate attendee. is not saying anything publicly about their future plans with Google, but stay tuned as it appears the two may soon come up with a partnership that will threaten Microsoft.

ReadyTalk is in the process of customizing for our customer relationship management (CRM) needs as we migrate from our old system.

I was initially unimpressed by the high price of, but as I see more of their product, as well as their new APEX code (in Beta), it’s becoming more clear as to why companies are embracing it. has created what appears to be a solid infrastructure and it presents a clean, easily customizable front-end that has been carefully architected. It allows for developers to code and get fancy, but it’s not required to have an expert in-house in order for a company to customize appropriately.

The number of participants at the Developer Conference (between 700 and 1,000) speaks to the momentum building for There are a lot of eager developers excited to create (and sell) new applications for, increasing’s value to an even wider array of customers.

One of the highlights of the conference was hearing Guy Kawasaki speak. He spoke about the “Art of the Start.â€? Watch his presentation, it’s useful and entertaining and will benefit anyone who is interested in starting anything.

SalesForce SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) was announced yesterday, see the power of it, coupled with Apex code, in this demo.

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